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Fellow Galapagos Adventurers,

    I’ll be posting the photos and write-ups over the coming weeks to the above weblog.   Specifically, I have a Table of Contents entry that will link to the photo galleries and all individual weblog posts.

    Before I upload the photos, I’m tagging all of them with species names (where appropriate) and the GPS coordinates where each was taken.  You’ll be able to see maps of the walks, with each photo on the map!

    Finally, a very hearty thank you to everyone that shared the ship for that wonderful week.  It was truly an adventure of a lifetime.  While the crew of the Endeavor and Naturalists set the stage, all of you were the players that completed an incredible week.

    Thanks again,

    b.bum <>



If you think you want to buy, starting price is $30M.   Yes, I’m serious.  No, I’m not particularly interested in selling.