Aerogarden Success!


This is our AeroGarden after a couple of months of growth. It is currently growing savory, mint, basil, thyme, parsley, amaranth, and oregano. The Aero works really really well. Within the water reservoir (the big black thing under the plants), it has a pump that pumps water with nutrients over the roots of the little growing pods that stick through the holes in the deck around the plants. Surprisingly, the thing makes virtually no noise.

Once every week to 14 days (not sure how often), it reminds you to add nutrients and it has a water-low indicator. While the seed kits from Aero include nutrients, I’ve been using the worm tea from my son’s worm farm.

Quite nice to have a nearly non-stop supply of fresh herbs next to the kitchen!

I would never have otherwise bought such a device, but we ran across one at a garage sale for $5. Quite a hefty discount off of the $150 new price. It did need some new lights.

I picked up one of the Aero branded seed packets so I could go through one grow cycle by the book, as it were.

$150 seems a bit steep and seed kits are another $20, typically. However, if you truly will use all the herbs, then I would think the thing would pay for itself long before it wears out. Annoyingly, the light sockets are of an esoteric standard and ordering new lamps from Aero is ridiculously pricy. Razor meet blades, assuredly. However, it isn’t hard to rewire it for standard CFL grow lamps (you want CFL to avoid burning the plants at such close proximity).

Once I have my 3D printer up and running, I plan on printing new grow pods customized to work a little better than the official, cheap, ones.

As well, I’ll likely replace the entire lamp unit with an all LED unit (custom printed, of course).

I’m also going to place a bit of either mylar or aluminum hanging down from the lamp shade. That will reflect the light back onto the plants and, from reading the forums, prevents the plants from being quite so lanky.

Mint Tea

With the mint from the unit, I’ve been enjoying mint tea. Simply toss a bunch of mint leaves into a pot on the stove and boil it for a few minutes. More mint, the stronger. Strain into a mug and squeeze in a bit of lemon and honey.


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