Lasercutter & 3D Printing Resources

Over the years that I’ve been futzing with 3D printing and laser cutting, I have amassed a list of sites that are useful in some fashion.

Some offer designs in various formats for download, others are commercial sites form which one can purchase consumables (or devices), and others are just tutorials or collections of information that provide inspiration.

As this is a living list, I have pushed it from being a folder in Safari to a document stored in GitHub.

This information, along with other “makeables” sort of stuff can be found in my GitHub repository.

Laser Cutter & 3D Printing Resources

A collection of sites and resources that I've found somewhere between interesting and invaluable to my adventures with 3D printing (an Ultimaker Original) and laser cutting with a Glowforge.

This is a living document. Bits will go out of date. New bits will be added.

In no particular order.

Price column meaning is as follows. Read the terms carefully. Always double check the licensing before selling anything!!

Price Meaning
Free Totally free.
Personal Free for personal use. Commercial licenses may be available.
Commercial Need a license to do anything with it.
Varies Licensing varies for each asset.

Some sites have a mix of licenses.

Designs for Download

Site Licensing Description
The Noun Project Personal Incredible HUGE collection of icons. Both bitmap and vector (SVG). Very reasonable personal subscription price & commercial licensing.
Thingiverse Varies Huge collection of models and designs. Mostly 3D printing but lots of laser cutting stuff, too
Free Picture Stencil Maker Free Turns images into stencils. Rest of site is a for-pay collection of tools.
Public Domain Files Free Tons of public domain fonts, clip art, and artwork of varying quality.
Open Clip Art Free Tons of public domain clip art.
Illustrations, Vector Graphics & Clipart Personal Lots of high quality graphics. Typically free for personal use with commercial licenses available
Obrary Varies Interesting, varied, collection of designs. Includes both finished designs and various templates and swatches. Checkout the living hinge swatches and the laser cutter engrave calibration plates.
Snowflake Generator Free Generates SVG snowflakes! Incredible for quickly generating a ton of interesting snow flakes for the annual ornament rush!
Jigsaw Generator Free Generates a jigsaw SVG. Lots of parameters for controlling generation. Engrave and add this on top? Instant jigsaw!
Make a Box Free Makes simple boxes assembled with tabs.
SVG Repo Varies Huge collection of mostly entirely free SVG files. Mostly icon sort of things.
Makercase Free Generates various sorts of boxes (and 3D printed marble runs). Basic, but useful. Free Incredible assortment of various box, tray, drawer, and other generators. Lots of knobs available to control exactly what is generated.
Elliptical Box Maker Free Makes elliptcial boxes. Inkscape extension.
Vector Ruler Generator Free Generates SVG rulers!
Tabbed Box Maker Free Inkscape plugin for creating tabbed boxes. Free Really interesting templates targeting folding paper. Applicable to laser cutting.
Rasterbator Free Wall art generator.
Maze Designer Free Laser cut 3D maze designer.

Material Sources

Site Description
Ocooch Hardwoods Lots of wood with many specifically rated for use in a laser cutter.
MatterHackers Excellent source for mostly 3D printing machines and consumables. Their education section has an incredible collection of knowledge.


Site Description
Designing a Laptop Stand with F360 A fantastic, easy to understand, tutorial showing how to use Fusion 360 to create a laptop stand. The skills within are applicable well beyond just a plan old laptop stand.
Intricate Wood Inlays Made Super Easy Learn how to make wood inlays with a laser cutter.
Pen Plotter Art & Algorithms A neat toolkit for generating plotter art. Since plotter art is really just SVG vector art, it works great on a laser cutter, too!
The Ultimate Guide to Laser-cut Box Generators An inventory of box generators. Some of which were mentioned above.
Laser Artisan A slew of demo videos of someone designing and asemblying various laser cutter based projects. Great inspiration.
The Wood Database A database of all kinds of wood.
The KnotPlot Site Free

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