Makers Faire: Pinball Stats

Addams Family Playfield

I took two fully restored pinball machines to the Maker Faire over the weekend. One was a Dr. Who (with translite sadly left behind at my friend’s house) and the other was an Addams Family Special Collectors Edition.

The Addams Family was really the showcase for restoration. When I purchased the machine, the playfield was black with grime, 2 of the 4 flippers didn’t work, none of the lamps worked (couldn’t see ’em through the grime anyway), many rubber rings were broken, and the display was on the way to dead.

When I set the machines up at the Faire, I reset the audits on Addams Family so that I could capture an accurate set of statistics as to how many folks played, average scores, features exercised, game times, etc…

Summary: A lot of people played a lot of games, but very few people understood the depth of the modes or rules. Not surprising and I was ecstatic to see so many kids totally get into playing pinball!

Actually, funny thing. This morning my Addams Family was complaining that a number of switches were clearly broken as they hadn’t been triggered in some large number of consecutive games. Turns out that no one at MF on Sunday actually hit a ball in the vault or made Thing pick up the ball.

Full audits below. Some of the audits can be better understood in the context of the full rules of the game.

The audits are slightly skewed due to the one game I played during the weekend; I put up a 2 billion point game that included 3 tours of the mansion, around 8 extra balls, and well over 200 bear kick ramp hits. Best game I have played in years.

There were 352 games started with 318 total games played completely. 13 percent of the games earned a total of 42 extra balls. There were 11 matches awarded.

Bookcase in Motion

The machine was on for a total of 16 hours and in play for 11 hours of that.

There were 994 balls played of which 156 drained down the right outlane and 62 exited via the left. The remaining 776 exited straight down the middle.

The left flipper was activated 15,812 times while the right flipper fired 18,610 times.

Of the games, 198 (62%) successfully opened the bookcase while 33 (10%) games managed to start multiball. I was the only person to start a 2nd and 3rd multiball in a single game.

Of the games played, 180 were 1 player, 27 2 player, 8 3 player and 15 4 player.

There were 6 train jackpots awarded, of which 4 were in my 2B game.

There were a total of 14 jackpots awarded during multiball, 6 from the train wreck shot and 8 from the ramp. That is impressive. The ramp is hard to hit off the upper right flipper! The ramp jackpot led to a double jackpot 6 times and a triple jackpot twice.

12 quick multiballs were awarded and the hurry up multiball was collected 6 times (not easy to do). Of those, 2 folks grabbed a vault million on quick multiball and there were 3 vault hits during hurry up multiball.

There were 513 mansion rooms awarded including 38 mansion extra balls and 3 tours of the mansion (all tours in my 2B game).

The bear kick ramp extra ball was lit 24 times. The train wreck target was hit 178 times for 44 train wrecks awarded.

The skill shot was hit 55 times. The bear kick ramp was hit 1,203 times.

Thing did quite well for a new location and recently rebuilt flipper. Thing automatically flipped for the swamp 117 times and actually hit the swamp 81 times. By Sunday, Thing was pushing pretty well beyond 90% accuracy.

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